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Kristen is a dedicated advocate who seeks the most direct path to meet clients’ goals. Often this includes exploring all avenues of dispute resolution, both tradit- ional (court) and alternative methods (i.e. mediation, arbitration, structured negotiation) to help clients determine the process that best suits their needs and objectives. A conscientious and thorough researcher who maintains excellent relationships with her fellow attorneys Kristen favors a collaborative approach when possible, to solving clients’ legal problems.  She is however experienced in and mindful of the value of traditional legal process.  


Kristen was drawn to mediation because of her belief that traditional legal process is not the only route to meaningful dispute resolution. She believes that if you allow parties to fully air their grievances -- legal and otherwise -- they often reach a place of satisfaction and readiness to help develop a resolution. Kristen effectively and sensitively helps parties to translate their positions into specific interests. Throughout, parties maintain a feeling of control knowing they will help to architect their own result, rather than having it imposed upon them. The savings of money, time and personal and 

professional energy that the mediation process offers to parties can be significant.    

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